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Furuno FCV600 CHIRP Fishfinder [FCV600]

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by Furuno
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FCV600 CHIRP Fishfinder

The 5.7” FCV600 is capable of driving either a CHIRP or dual-frequency CW (continuous wave) transducer, allowing users to configure the Fish Finder to suit almost any need. With a sleek, piano-black presentation, comfortable rubber keys, and a robust rotary knob controller, the FCV600 gives users the freedom to choose from a wide variety of transducers. The soft-touch keys are inclined at the top and bottom, making them comfortable to press while creating an easy-to-operate and intuitive system.

Sunlight and yellow color palettes offer greatly improved visibility in daylight and for those who deal with color blindness. The Color Range Expansion feature broadens the range of discrete signal intensities that can be detected and paints them in different colors. With color range expansion, the range of identifiable echoes is expanded, so you can intuitively identify bottom fish from the seabed.

Furuno’s RezBoost™ signal processing technology produces a picture that is up to 8 times clearer, breathing life into the standard CW transducer users may already have installed. A second FCV600 display can be installed to show the echoes and nav data from the FCV600 via the built-in wireless network. This simple yet powerful solution allows for continuous monitoring of the underwater situation from the stern or bow while fishing with a simplified installation.


  • 5.6” (FCV600) TruEcho CHIRP/CW Fish Finder
  • Drives either a CHIRP or CW transducer
  • Color palettes offer unbeatable daylight visibility
  • Color Range Expansion displays returns from more discreet signal frequencies for unbeatable target separation
  • RezBoost™ signal processing produces a picture up to 8 times clearer
  • Wireless 2nd display capability
  • Heave correction with the satellite compass


  • Screen Size: 5.7
  • Transducer Included: No
  • Box Dimensions: 9"H x 12"W x 12"L WT: 5.6 lbs

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