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Free shipping on orders over $500


Welcome to Fleck's Marine, where the fusion of innovation and nautical expertise shapes the maritime future of the Greater Seattle Area. Anchored in Seattle’s maritime legacy, we've navigated to the forefront of marine engineering, underpinning our city’s seafaring traditions with next-generation solutions.

Areas of Specialization:

Power Systems Engineering

• From propulsion to energy management, we engineer efficient and resilient power systems that are pivotal for contemporary vessels.

Marine Systems Engineering

• Harmonizing a ship's many systems is our forte, ensuring seamless functionality for both commercial and recreational vessels.

Mechanical Engineering & Design

• By melding artistry with mechanics, our design innovations optimize both form and function, making vessels more efficient, reliable, and sea-worthy.

Electronics Installation

• Our tech-savvy team ensures that the latest marine electronics are installed meticulously, promising enhanced safety and functionality.

Systems Installation & Interfacing

• Integration is key in the marine world. Our systems interface seamlessly, promising harmonized vessel operations.


• At the heart of our operations, our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit is dedicated to crafting high-quality components that stand the test of time and tides.

Why Choose Fleck's Marine?

Pioneering Spirit

• Drawing from Seattle's rich maritime history, we're committed to pushing the envelope, ensuring our clients always stay ahead of the curve.

Integrated Solutions

• Our interdisciplinary approach means we don’t just address isolated challenges; we provide holistic solutions.

Passion for the Sea

• Our team isn't just comprised of engineers. We're seafarers at heart, bringing genuine passion and deep understanding to every project.

At Fleck's Marine, our mission is clear: to propel the Greater Seattle Area to new maritime horizons, fortifying its legacy with modern engineering marvels.

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